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Next, we go to the sky.

We contribute to regional mobility.

Drones, which are flying robots and unmanned aerial vehicles, began to attract attention as a new industry in the early 2010s. Since then, various ventures have been established in Japan, and the drone market has continued to expand gradually. In addition to aerial photography, inspection, surveying, and monitoring of factories, construction sites, and large structures, growth management and pesticide spraying for agriculture, and information gathering by local governments in the event of a disaster are now being carried out.

In September 2020, there was a big change in the situation surrounding the domestic drone industry. This is the "Policy on Procurement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Government Agencies, etc." announced by the government. It was shown that government-procured drones should be selected with no security concerns. Therefore, attention was paid to "domestic drones" designed and manufactured in Japan.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the flight modes of drones are classified into Level 1 for piloting within visual line of sight, Level 2 for automatic/autonomous flight within visual line of sight, Level 3 for flying beyond visual line of sight in uninhabited areas, and Level 3 for flying outside of visual line of sight, and in manned areas including cities. It is divided into level 4, which performs flight beyond visual line of sight. Level 3 and level 4 need to realize automatic/autonomous flight as long as they are out of line of sight, and also have collision avoidance functions with some obstacles on the flight route. And cruising performance that can fly long distances is also required.

And on December 5, 2022, the qualification system "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator Skill Certification System" to certify that you have the skills (knowledge and ability) necessary to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle at "Level 4" came into effect.

As a result, flight beyond visual line of sight in manned areas will move from a demonstration experiment to a full-scale operation phase. In addition to drone logistics and disaster relief, it is also related to the realization of flying cars at the 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo, as well as drones with large carrying capacity in anticipation of the full-scale use of drone transportation, such as building surveys and transportation  and expectations are high.

MOBIlityNAVI Inc. was founded with the banner of "contributing to regional mobility" against such a background. The parent company is MT Holdings Co., Ltd., which owns Mie Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (founded in 1942).

We see drones as a form of mobility in the sky, and our main business is the sale and maintenance of drones, which are indispensable for future transportation infrastructure. We would like to contribute to the spread of equipment and services by introducing the know-how we have cultivated through face-to-face sales that are closely related to the business of selling, repairing, and dealing with the automobile sales industry, which has been in business for 80 years. This will also require an increase in the number of highly skilled technicians. For that reason, we are proceeding with the construction of a drone school that trains pilots and instructors and an indoor practice area for skill training. We are working to launch both this spring, so please look forward to it. From land to level 4 sky. We will boldly take on the challenges of next-generation "People, Products, and Things" and contribute to a new mobility society.

Representative Director and President
Noriaki Takebayashi

Company Profile

Company Name MOBIlityNAVI Inc.
Head Office 2-178-1 Sakurabasi,Tsu, Mie,Japan ZipCode 514-0003
TEL:+81-59-269-5600 FAX:+81-59-269-5603
Established March 1, 2022
Capital 10 million yen
Number of shares held MT Holdings Co., Ltd. 20,000 shares held
Shareholding ratio 100%
Directors Representative Director and President Noriaki Takebayashi
Director Buichi Takebayashi
Director Seiji Hisada
Auditor Masahiko Hirota
Auditor Tsutomu Ootsubo
Business Sales, rental and maintenance of drones, pilot training and operation of facilities
Indoor practice field (planned) [Mobi-Navi DOME]
Adress 3-401 Sakurabasi,Tsu, Mie,Japan ZipCode 514-0003
In Tsusakurabashi Service Center/Training Center Mie Toyota Motor